How much will it cost to sign up

There is no cost for signing up to website

What are the duration and cost of the membership plans available

We have different plans avaibale for the members  

Platinum month £4.99
Half year  £6.99
Annual/Year £9.99
Require help finding Rishta £29.99

Why are some of the plans low cost

We want to make sure you are spending less money to find the happiness

Why am I recieving match making messages

We want to help our members in finding the right person swiftly who he/she will be happy with

My location is not showing and loctions available are no where near my loaction

Send us the details using our contact us option which can be found in main menu

I cant find answer to my question

You can always contact us via enquiry form and we will anwer any questions

What is seeking/finding a Rishta mean

In terms of defining a Rishta it means family or the way you relate to each other in family. Rishta can also mean finding a proposal for shaadi or marriage through people or websites like Rishta Maker Online- Where Single Muslims, Single sikh, Single Hindus, Single Christians from UK and around the world can search for Rishta.

What is Rishta Maker Online

Rishta Maker online is a website in the UK that helps Single Muslims, Single Sikhs, Single Hindus, Single Christian find a Rishta for shaadi or Marriage from Uk and around the world. Rishta Maker Online -

Can you find Rishta in UK

Yes, Single Muslims, Single Sikhs, Single Hindus and single Christian can find Rishta in the UK for Shaadi or Marriage with areas available on the website for UK like Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Preston, Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds, Birmingham, London and many more.

Can Single Muslims Join Rishta Maker online Website

Yes Rishta maker online website allows different religions including single muslims to join online to search for a rishta.

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